During our first meeting, we will evaluate your case and offer you our fee structure, which may include hourly fees, blocked/fixed fees, deferred fees and contingency fees.

For plaintiff side employment files, we generally, but not always, offer contingency fee options. This means that you pay a percentage of the improvement that we obtain for you in a settlement or judgment. In most cases, the maximum contingency fee charged is 33.33% of the improvement that we secure for you from your initial termination offer, plus disbursements and HST. In cases that have counter-claims or appeals, our fees can increase to 40% of the improvement plus disbursements and HST. This approach allows us to provide access to justice to our clients, regardless of their financial situations.

If your case is billed on an hourly basis, you will be billed for each hour that we work for you, regardless of the outcome of your case. However, we adopt a value-added approach to billing, where we do offer discounts (at our discretion) at the end of a file when warranted.

For non-litigious tasks, such as drafting employment contracts and severance package reviews, we offer flat rate or fixed fee billing options.

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